Álex Pérez


[timeline title=”Education” timeline=”[{"period":"2017 – 2018","title":"Swift 4.0 course","subtitle":"applecodingacademy","text":"Basic and advanced course about SWIFT 4.0\r\nBasic and advanced courses about IOS development\r\n"},{"period":"2016-today","title":"Different udemy courses","subtitle":"Udemy","text":"Courses about ReactJS, Angular JS, Swift and IOS programming"},{"period":"2013","title":"Responsive Design, HTML and CSS3 courses","subtitle":"Escuela IT","text":"Use of SASS and LESS, HTML 5 and CSS3.\r\nUse of advance Javascript and JQuery Library"},{"period":"2012","title":"IOS development course","subtitle":"University of Alicante","text":""},{"period":"2012","title":"Cambridge PET Certificate","subtitle":"","text":""},{"period":"2011-2012","title":"Post-graduate, Java EE Specialist","subtitle":"University of Alicante","text":"Postgraduate Student of Java offered by the University of Alicante.\r\nThis title is done in-depth training in tools, technologies, methodologies and services of the Java EE platform and Java frameworks as Spring, Struts, JPA, etc…"},{"period":"2011","title":"Computer Engineering degree","subtitle":"University of Alicante","text":"Graduated at the University of Alicante as a computer Engineer at 2011."}]” _array_keys=”{"timeline":"timeline"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/timeline]
[timeline title=”Experience” timeline=”[{"period":"Mar 2019 – Currently","title":"React Front End Developer","subtitle":"Thomas international","text":"Currently working at Thomas International as a Front end Developer.\r\nCreating a new product experience using the React library on the brand new suite that we are creating.\r\nCreated and maintaining the React components library for the Engineering group."},{"period":"Sep 2018 – Mar 2019","title":"React Front End Developer","subtitle":"MMT Digital – Vodafone","text":"I worked at Vodafone HQ on the Digital X team. I Helped with the redesign of the website to React. \r\nI also worked on the Firefly project, a tool to run e2e test that all teams on Vodafone are using."},{"period":"Oct 2014 – Sep 2018","title":"Software Developer","subtitle":"onemedia services limited (Reading, UK)","text":"onemedia provides the services of a digital and print creative agency with a specialism for design and content production for Digital signage & Interactive touch solutions.\r\n\r\nI'm the main developer of the company. My role is create and develop custom applications to integrate data in the Onelan platform. \r\nMainly the apps that we create are in HTML, Javascript and CSS. But sometimes we need to introduce backend technologies as nodejs, express and mongodb.\r\nWe use some front end libraries as Jquery, Angular 1 and ReactJs."},{"period":"Sep 2013 – Oct 2014","title":"Web Developer","subtitle":"BT Expedite (High Wycombe, UK)","text":"I joined BT Expedite as Front End Developer in September 2013 in the Web Development department. We are working in an Agile environment (SCRUM). \r\nHere I can develop my knowledge in Java (working with JSP\/JSTL) and my knowledge in responsive web design and front end abilities (HTML5\/Javascript\/Jquery)\r\nInvolved in projects as Phase-Eight, Get the label, Dunnes, etc."},{"period":"Jun 2011 – Aug 2013","title":"Software Developer","subtitle":"Aqualogy (Alicante, Spain)","text":"Working as Outsourcing in Aqualogy (Agbar group). Web Developer in .Net and Javascript. Now, integrating HTML5 in projects. Building a bespoke framework in Javascript with JQuery, Dojo and sencha technologies for the development for the future applications in Aqualogy. Working in the WASP project (a content application) and working in Nemo project (bespoke application for the group Agbar)."},{"period":"Nov 2010 – Mar 2011","title":"IOS Developer","subtitle":"Dylvian (Alicante, Spain)","text":"iPhone\/iPad and Android Application Developer.\r\n\r\nI worked in various projects such as Comunidad de Madrid (available in AppStore), Iressa and Medicina Interna (for Astrazeneca (iPad version)), 20Minutos (newspaper application in AppStore)."},{"period":"Mar 2010 – May 2010","title":"Web developer (Intern Web Developer)","subtitle":"Sistel (Alicante, Spain)","text":"Web application developer, using J2EE, Hibernate, Struts 2 and Spring. JUnit and DBUnit test. All within an agile team (Scrum). Knowledge on Servlets and Web Services in Java."}]” _array_keys=”{"timeline":"timeline"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/timeline]
[skills title=”Coding Skills” skills=”[{"id":"e70b67139ec8d0b2481a7649f08410e6","title":"HTML5","value":"95"},{"id":"3c9373c0a5d5acff0a334384ad8c0edb","title":"Reactjs","value":"90"},{"id":"620764c2d41c0348ad79cdda3abecaeb","title":"CSS3","value":"95"},{"id":"0f08769cfe8e8d31720bdb6920c01dfe","title":"GIT","value":"85"},{"id":"907bd4c2969dba312e09ba7288ee4df1","title":"NodeJS","value":"70"},{"id":"8e42e2252bead043ab14f22988077693","title":"Express","value":"70"},{"id":"be9e1d1089f154ccf7124901251f552c","title":"jQuery","value":"85"},{"id":"9259f789ab6c7d8ed4fc7c1a39fe7279","title":"Mongodb","value":"70"},{"id":"c40e3b44ebaaeec8c4ad36459c8639e3","title":"Swift","value":"60"},{"id":"10e40977153f652271a55aa468730304","title":"Wordpress","value":"70"}]” _array_keys=”{"skills":"skills"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/skills][skills title=”Work in progress” skills=”[{"id":"335d35c2a436ee032adbc6ca54689f04","title":"Swift","value":"60"}]” _array_keys=”{"skills":"skills"}” _made_with_builder=”true”][/skills]